Dean Ladany

From the Dean

At the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES), diversity, inclusion, and social justice are at the core of our mission and the lens through which we journey forward. Through this lens we shape and enhance the academic experience with the intent to support students to become sound academic scholars and people who impact real change in our communities. In this report, I am delighted to share with you some of this year’s accomplishments and highlight initiatives that reflect the commitment to our mission and vision such as our 1st Annual Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Excellence Showcase. This year also marks ten years of the SOLES international requirement, a requirement that has been a foundation to develop global citizens and change makers.

We are grateful to all those in the SOLES community for their generous contributions and support during the 2017-2018 academic year. Your contributions of time, expertise, mentoring, hiring, and donations truly make a difference in the lives of students, faculty, and those they serve.


Nicholas Ladany, PhD
Dean, School of Leadership and Education Sciences &
Associate Provost for Academic Outreach
University of San Diego

2017-2018 Fast Facts

Top 100 graduate schools of education, 6th year in a row U.S. News & World Report
Top 50 Online MEd U.S. News & World Report
1,000+ 1000+ Students Served *Fall 2018 Doctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate Minors
30 Full-Time Faculty Members
Degrees Awarded*
17 PHD
164 MA
201 MEd *May 2018
50 USD Officers
6,451 Total SOLES Alumni
82% of SOLES graduates* report a positive career change or salary increase as a result of their degree
*survey respondents
86% of SOLES graduates* report attaining a job within 6 months of graduation
Our Students 2018*
43% Students of
34 Countries
Of Origin
39 States
21-67 Age
*Statistics reflect actively enrolled students Summer and Fall 2018
Largest NROTC commissioning source in the entire 70+ units nationwide.
On average, USD commssions 10% of all NROTC Marines and 50 USN officers.
USD has 230 officer candidates in the program, which is the largest non-military program in the country.
10 NROTC members of the class of 2018 were selected into the Nuclear Officer Program, which is the largest amount and doubles the highest number from any other NROTC program.

Highlights From Our Institutes

Jacobs Institue for Innovation in Education

The Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education (IEE) was renamed the Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education (Jacobs Institute) in honor of Dr. Jacobs, founder and former chairman of Qualcomm, and Mrs. Joan Jacobs. Since their founding contribution in 2011, Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs have contributed nearly $10 million to the Institute. Seven years later, the Jacobs Institute has established itself as a credible and important voice in K-12 education, particularly in advancing innovation and equity in schools. Read more.

SOLES Introduces the New Catholic Institute for Mental Health Ministry (CIMHM) Read more

The Nonprofit Institute Launches New Programs Read more

SOLES Inaugural
Diversity, Inclusion &
Social Justice
Excellence Showcase

38 projects which involved

56 students and

35 faculty and administrators

10-Year Anniversary of the International Requirement

Since 2009, 1,459 students have participated in one of our Global Center courses

83% of Students Reported Increase in Cultural Competence Level from their USD SOLES and International Requirement.*

*Assessing Graduate Students' International Experiences of Cultural Competence, 2014

During the 2017 – 2018 academic year,
258 students took part in one of our 20 international experiences offered in 12 countries

“I absolutely came away with a better understanding of cross-cultural work, as well as a deep-seated appreciation for how much there is left for me to learn and experience.” – Jessica Keane, Marital and Family Therapy Student

Read more about the SOLES International Requirement

From Global Course to Global Employment

Hi, I'm Anne Ferrara. I graduated from USD in 2010 with a Masters in Counseling with a specialization in school counseling. My story wouldn't be possible without the support, and encouragement of so many people along the way.

Read Anne's Story

TESOL Students Accepted to Language Camp in Thailand

Graduates Paz Valdivia, '18 and Robert Brundage, '18 share their experience and how they fulfilled their international requirement.

Introducing the
SOLES Graduate Student
Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center began in Spring 2018 with the mission of supporting SOLES' student growth and development as emerging writers. Since its launch the Graduate Writing Center has:

Provided 120 hours of individualized coaching services
Hosted 130 students and faculty in writing workshops

Services Offered:

Writing Coaching & Writing Workshops

Coming Soon:

Dissertation and Thesis Writing Workshops
Faculty Professional Development

Introducing Heather Herrera, PhD

In her first year at USD, Dr. Herrera launched the first graduate writing center on campus with impetus from Joi Spencer, PhD and Sarina Molina, EdD.

Learn more about the SOLES Graduate Student Writing Center

New Faculty & New Roles

New Faculty For 2018

Carrie Tremble, PhD

Professor of Practice, Department of
Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy

Antonio Jimenez-Luque, PhD

Professor of Practice,
Department of Leadership Studies

Ricardo Medina, PhD

Professor of Practice,
Department of Learning and Teaching

New Jacobs Institute Executive Director: Lisa Dawley, PhD

Dr. Dawley comes to SOLES after working at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Boise State University. Moreover, she has corporate experience as founder of multiple start-up companies that developed platforms such as NOAA Planet Stewards and Rezzley Gamified LMS.

New Department Chairs

Erika Cameron, PhD

Chair of Department of
Counseling & Marital
and Family Therapy

Reyes Quezada, PhD

Chair of Department
of Learning
and Teaching

New Administrators

Heather Herrera, PhD

Assistant Dean
of Assessment
and Accreditation

Marty Remmell



  • Commander Jason Langham came on board October 31, 2017
  • LT Danielle Fritts, Officer Instructor for Freshmen
  • LT Zachary Arnold, Officer Instructor for Seniors
  • LT Mathew Delavega, Officer Instructor for Juniors
  • LT Philip Lee, Officer instructor for Sophomores
  • Capt Kenneth Vingua, Marine Officer Instructor

CELEBRATING: Dr. Lonnie Rowell

After 23 years at USD Lonnie Rowell, PhD has retired from USD. Dr. Rowell joined the USD faculty in 1995 and created the action research component of the program, teaching action research from 1999-2017. Dr. Rowell plans on continuing with advocacy for “knowledge democracy,” promoting practitioner research among other topics. He will now have time to visit places that he has long wanted to wander in, starting with our national parks.

Awards & Highlights

2017 - 2018 Donors & Scholarships

Bob Infantino, Ginger Infantino, and the Infantino Family

“In 1976, when Bob was hired, the USD administration made all faculty certain promises, especially about educating our children. The University kept all its promises, and in gratitude we have begun to make our own promises. By donating to a scholarship in the Infantino family name, we hope to leave a legacy that will continue to assist those who are in preparation to become teachers. We believe that there is no more noble profession than teaching future generations of pupils to become literate, thoughtful, ethical, civic-minded people.”

President's Club

Aldrich Advisors

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

Michael D. Auerbach

Bank of America

Dr. Moises & Victoria '94 Baron

Judge Ernest '66 '69 & Carol Borunda

Ann S. Bowers

Christine M. Butler

California Bank & Trust

CalNonprofit Insurance Services

Dr. Paula A. Cordeiro

For Purpose Law Group

Fred J. Hansen Foundation

CDR Daniel L. Garcia '17, USN (ret)

Dr. Kirsten Hanson Garcia '07

Dr. Ann Garland

Dr. Cheryl A. Getz '98

Robert Gleason

Terry Hanson

Dr. Leslie A. Hennessy

Tony Hsu

Dr. Robert & Ginger '81 '85 Infantino

Invisible Disability Project

JGD & Associates LLP

Kasperick Family Charitable Gift Account

Kim Center for Social Balance

Charles & Maureen '64 King

Dr. Edward & Susan '94 '98 Kujawa

Jon R. Kurtin '80

Carol & George Lattimer

Dr. Mary Lyons

Dr. Andrea McMullen '14

Kathleen Mikitka-Gomez

Moss Adams LLP - Seattle

MUFG Union Bank


Sandra Chew Phillips '68

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

San Diego Gas & Electric Company

San Diego Grantmakers

Drew Schlosberg

Schwab Charitable Fund

The Corley Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation

The Johnson Family Foundation

The Parker Foundation

The Shoener Fund of Bank of America

The W. Scott McIntryre Scholarship Fund @ The San Diego Foundation

United Cerebral Palsy Assoc of San Diego

Catherine & John Velotta

Raymond '82 & Pamela '73 '76 Volker

Westreich Foundation

Linda Williams

YH Advisors

John Yochelson

Dr. Emily Young

Mr. Derek M. Abbey '11

Ms. Taralyn M. Abts '95

Ms. Linda J. Acosta '08

Dr. Donna Agan '94

Ms. Silvia Aguayo '98

Ms. Elizabeth M. Aiello-Coppola '18

Ms. Deena Aladray-Holcomb '88

Ms. Torrey K. Albertazzi '16

Mr. James S. Albritton '92

Ms. Lallia Allali '16

Ms. Sara L. Allard '17

Dr. Andrew T. Allen '11

Mrs. Paka Andersen '72

Mr. Marquise D. Anderson '14

Ms. Lara D. Angeles '17

Mr. Greg A. Anglea '08

Ms. Lea Parveen Arce '04

Ms. Alethea M. Arguilez '17

Mrs. Nicole Assisi '06

Ms. Tania F. Azevedo '18

Mrs. Jeannine M. Ballister '80

Mr. Brett M. Banducci '08

Mrs. Shelley M. Barajas-Leyva '10

Dr. Carmen M. Barcena '93

Ms. Allison A. Barker '15

Ms. Teresa M. Barnhill '90

Ms. Lise A. Bartman '82

Ms. Emily T. Baxt '98

Mrs. Kathleen Baxter '02

Mrs. Brittany C. Beck '10

Mrs. Raffaella Belanich '77

Ms. T.J. Bellafiore '03

Ms. Brittany M. Bender '17

Ms. Raquel Benguiat Perez '09

Dr. Sally J. Bennett-Schmidt '84

Dr. Abigail S. Berk '16

Ms. Regina Bernal '18

Mrs. Stephanie M. Bernasconi '08

Ms. Amy L. Besnoy '06

Mrs. Rebecca A. Beville '15

Dr. Kathryn L. Bingham '15

Dr. Melinda K. Blade '75

Dr. Gerald B. Blanton '06

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bolster '11

Mr. James W. Bonner '10

Mr. Mark J. Borgens '89

Ms. Carol L. Bos '13

Mr. John J. Bowman '73

Dr. Karen K. Briggs '15

Ms. Amy P. Brothers '11

Ms. Jessica R. Browning '06

Mrs. Michele R. Brum-Orstad '82

Mrs. Gina M. Burkhardt '09

Mrs. Christine M. Butler '97

Ms. Melina Caan '18

Mrs. Alina Caceres '06

Dr. Jessica L. Calhoun '14

Mrs. Lara J. Calvo '94

Ms. Kim Cam '14

Mr. Michael Angelo A. Camacho '16

Mrs. Joellen Camden '87

Dr. George J. Cameron '84

Ms. Ariela M. Canizal '17

Mrs. Judith L. Carlisi '88

Mr. Marcus A. Carrigan '17

Mrs. Eliza Carrington '97

Ms. Alexandra L. Cary Mundt '15

Dr. Elizabeth A. Castillo '10

Ms. Imelda V. Castro '99

Mr. Michael Castronuovo '14

Mr. Michael L. Catanzaro '07

Mr. Conor W. Cawley '16

Mrs. Gina A. Celaschi '12

Ms. Patricia A. Centurione '91

Ms. Alyandra Cerda '98

Mr. Alejandro A. Cervantes '17

Ms. Brittany R. Chidley '08

Dr. Cristina Chiriboga-Hahn '03

Ms. Belinda L. Christensen '93

Mr. Jeffrey P. Cirillo '16

Mrs. Melissa M. Cisneros '15

Ms. Amanda E. Cisneros '19

Ms. Breana Z. Clark '19

Mrs. Frances M. Coad-Montelli '88

Ms. Hannah S. Cognetti '17

Mrs. Kimberly D. Cole-Wood '92

Mr. Richard P. Collins '76

Mr. Robert Collins '76

Mrs. Janet G. Coover '90

Mr. Robert F. Cornish '96

Mrs. Amanda J. Corona '18

Mr. Carlos E. Cortes Jr '19

Dr. Thomas J. Cosgrove '74

Mrs. Terese J. Cowell '91

Ms. Diana M. Craft '72

Mrs. Donna M. Cramer '76

Ms. Pamela S. Crandall '14

Mrs. Patricia E. Crone '86

Ms. Cindy J. Cruz '05

Ms. Emily P. Cullen '18

Ms. Betty J. Daily '83

Ms. Carli A. Danaher '18

Mr. Esteban R. del Rio '96

Ms. Desiree N. Del-Zio '16

Ms. Andrea Delucia '17

Mrs. Arlene A. DeTuri '87

Dr. Denise Dimon '11

Ms. Alison B. Do '06

Ms. Heather E. Dodd '96

Ms. Sarah J. Doerfler '98

Ms. Camille T. Domaloan Michel '95

Ms. Yingying Dong '17

Mrs. Heather M. Dooley '05

Mr. David P. Drazenovich '16

Mrs. Jaclyn L. Dreschler '12

Mr. William J. Dryer '79

Mr. Paul S. Dugan '73

Ms. Anne K. Dunlop '17

Ms. Sandra Dunstan Hoover '99

Ms. Diane J. Dunwoodie '83

Ms. Stephanie L. Eikermann '18

The Honorable Ana L. Espana '79

Mr. Mike D. Espinoza '78

Dr. Kira A. Espiritu '00

Ms. Mary H. Estill '78

Mrs. Geraldine Evans '08

Mrs. Tess E. Eves '17

Mrs. Trudy G. Fabian '58

Mrs. Gina M. Fager '97

Ms. Mary E. Ferons '80

Dr. Jenny K. Ferrone '03

Mrs. Jasmine L. Feser '17

Mrs. Kathleen M. Filzenger '73

Ms. Laura K. Fleming '96

Mrs. Ellen T. Flores '75

Mr. David B. Flynt '99

Mr. Randall H. Fong '80

Ms. Jessica K. Forrester '17

Ms. Stacie M. Freasier '09

Ms. Jennifer A. Freeman '17

Dr. Charles J. Friedrichs '01

Dr. Amy M. Froide '90

Ms. Judith A. Gaccetta '81

Mr. Robert M. Gallardo '80

Ms. Lucia W. Garay '87

Dr. Piedad Garcia '98

Ms. Shanda L. Garmon '75

Mrs. Beth Garofalo '05

Ms. Erika N. Garwood '13

Dr. Karen S. George '91

Dr. Cheryl A. Getz '98

Dr. Richard J. Giese '73

Mrs. Marina Gil '08

Mrs. Susan J. Giovannotto '19

Ms. Ashley N. Gisiger '17

Ms. Aimee L. Glotz '10

Mr. Richard A. Goldberg '87

Mr. Kenneth I. Goldberg '97

Dr. Adolfo Gonzales '96

Ms. Micaela N. Gonzalez '15

Ms. Irma E. Gonzalez '19

Ms. Claire E. Gosen '18

Mr. Christopher C. Grant '96

Mr. Robert J. Gravina '89

Ms. Sean C. Green '13

Ms. Jodie M. Grenier '18

Ms. Amy A. Gualtieri '86

Ms. Annie Guanciale '16

Ms. MaryAnn G. Guevarra '06

Ms. Gina M. Guidi '92

Mr. Bryce R. Guzzetta '16

Mrs. Suzanne M. Hagan '81

Mr. David Haimovich '19

Mrs. Carol A. Halsey '72

Ms. Becky L. Hames '08

Dr. Roger V. Hansen '73

Dr. Kirsten Hanson Garcia '07

Mrs. Karen M. Harkins Slocomb '96

Mr. Gregory W. Harkless '03

Ms. Rhonda M. Harley '21

Ms. Andrea P. Harrington '05

Mr. Zach Harris '20

Mrs. Nellie Harris Ritter '93

Mrs. Deana M. Haug '98

Mrs. Jennifer M. Haushalter '96

Dr. Kacy K. Hayes '12

Mrs. Leah M. Hearnsberger '96

Dr. Pamela A. Herkner-Chasse '81

Mr. Steven D. Hernandez '88

Ms. Ziphorah Hernandez '17

Ms. Eva N. Hinojosa '17

Ms. Shannon D. Hobbs '04

Ms. Samantha T. Hoffman '14

Dr. Holly G. Hoffman '14

Ms. Kathleen M. Hogan '86

Mrs. Tiffany A. Holmes '96

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hooper '17

Mr. Sean R. Horrigan '04

Ms. Allison V. Howitt '16

Ms. Marci C. Hubal '91

Mrs. Jennifer Hughes '90

Ms. Khalia Ii '10

Ms. LaPorcha M. Ingram '15

Dr. Dayanne D. Izmirian '08

Mr. Darryl G. Jackson '92

Ms. Jacqueline M. Jackson '05

Mrs. Kathryn M. Jameson '00

Ms. Kristine Jansen '18

Mr. Jason R. Jarvinen '11

Ms. Heather K. Jenkins '19

Mr. Paul F. Jensen '75

Ms. Michaelle R. Jinnette '09

Mrs. Patricia A. Johnson '79

Mr. Nicholas T. Kajimoto '11

Ms. Molly F. Kamari '17

Mrs. Charlene A. Kane '76

Ms. Patricia J. Kealy '94

Ms. Laurie A. Keller '17

Dr. Michael A. Kelley '13

Mrs. Margaret Kellner Meyer '83

Dr. James F. Kelly Jr. '89

Ms. Georgie Kelly '15

Mrs. Tiana G. Kelly '19

Mrs. Valerie M. Kennedy '07

Ms. Megan K. Kennedy '13

Mrs. Suzin E. Kesling Meyers '08

Mr. Ronald A. Kilburg '76

Mr. Erik L. Kim-Holmgren '18

Ms. Daniella S. Knelman '10

Ms. Marla N. Knox '10

Ms. Laela Kollar '20

Ms. Kristen A. Kovac '95

Ms. Jessica M. Kramer '15

Ms. Madeline C. Kreig '18

Mrs. Patricia A. LaVoire '05

Mr. Anthony H. Le '18

Ms. Margaret A. Leary '16

Mrs. Cherry Lee '79

Ms. Brittainee R. Lee '17

Mr. Carrington C. Lemon '17

Ms. Bonnie B. Lentz '73

Mrs. Michelle A. Lewis '91

Ms. Elaine M. Lewis '04

Ms. Persephone D. Lewis '09

Ms. Chia-Yen Lin '01

Mrs. Amy T. Lindsey '87

Dr. Valerie T. Livesay '06

Mr. John T. Loggins '12

Mrs. Carmen T. London '84

Ms. Brittany Love '19

Dr. Michael Lovette-Colyer '13

Ms. Lauren Lukens '08

Mrs. Jennifer N. Lynch '95

Mrs. Stephanie Lynch '12

Mr. Bryce G. Lyon '14

Mr. Keith G. MacDonald '11

Ms. Marie M. Madison '16

Mr. Alfonso E. Magana '07

Mrs. Bernadette L. Maldonado '16

Ms. Pilar M. Malim '16

Dr. Helene T. Mandell '78

Ms. Atlantide Maria Mangin '17

Ms. Marina A. Mantos '16

Dr. Peter Maribei '16

Dr. Kenneth J. Marra '06

Dr. Mary J. Martel '96

Ms. Maria C. Martinez '94

Mr. Miguel Martinez '17

Ms. Kendall C. Marvin '14

Mrs. Rebecca J. Mashburn '87

Ms. Janine M. Mason '11

Ms. Janel S. Masuhara '94

Mrs. Mary H. Matteucci '91

Mrs. Sabrina A. Mau '07

Ms. Christine M. McAuliffe '10

Mrs. Elisabeth A. McCarthy '14

Ms. Margaret McClung '16

Ms. Michele McConnell '17

Dr. Robin L. McCoy '10

Mr. Brandon P. McCreary '12

Ms. Elise McDowell Clark '77

Ms. Melissa M. McElvain '06

Ms. Brianne G. McGann '14

Mr. Cristian A. Mcgough '19

Mr. Casey J. McKinley '12

Sister Ann M. McManus '74

Dr. Andrea McMullen '14

Mr. Donald T. Meagher '73

Mrs. Lynne A. Medsker '89

Mrs. Traci L. Merrill '94

Ms. Kelly K. Metz-Matthews '20

Ms. Kalena M. Michalec '18

Mrs. Julia K. Michelmore '80

Ms. Leah E. Mikulsky '17

Mr. John P. Mills '97

Ms. Nicole A. Mione-Green '17

Dr. Susan E. Mitchell '94

Ms. Kelly R. Mitchell '06

Mrs. Lauri A. Miville '84

Ms. Sonya A. Mohamed '17

Mrs. Karla B. Mohrman '87

Mr. Emmanuel D. Molin '17

Mr. Nathan J. Molina '07

Ms. Jacqueline L. Monroe '07

Mrs. Maria T. Montgomery '99

Ms. Reesa D. Morala '15

Mr. Anthony J. Morales Torres '07

Mrs. Adrienne Y. Moreland '78

Ms. Yesenia C. Moreno '18

Ms. Allison N. Morrissey '17

Mrs. Jennifer A. Mortimer '05

Ms. Kelly S. Morton '16

Mrs. Jeanne M. Mossuto '88

Ms. Stacey D. Muse '06

Ms. Monique A. Muther '89

Mr. John M. Newhouse '16

Dr. Christopher Newman '04

Ms. Karyn Nguyen '98

Ms. Barbara A. Nicholson '78

Mr. Michael A. Nicholson '12

Ms. Sally North Asbille '82

Mrs. Catherine R. Northcutt '17

Ms. Elizabeth C. Norwood '98

Ms. Laura R. Nottoli Bozigian

Ms. Patricia A. Noujaim '10

Mrs. Jan Noz '07

Mrs. Susan Nugent '93

Mrs. Karen M. O'Connor '83

Ms. Dorothy L. O'Hagan '11

Mr. Nicholas F. O'Madden '13

Ms. Jessica Ogden '08

Ms. Margaret S. Olinger '15

Dr. Jesus Olivas '79

Ms. Jena Olson '16

Mrs. Paula A. Overton '94

Mrs. Theresa L. Palmer '00

Mr. Gerald O. Palmquist '73

Mrs. Carol Parker Beatty '87

Dr. Patricia R. Parlin '76

Mr. Matthew J. Parr '11

Ms. Megan A. Partch '11

Ms. Hannah G. Patrick '14

Ms. Molly E. Patrick '18

Mr. Ricardo A. Pecina '17

Dr. Bertha O. Pendleton '89

Ms. Yolanda Perez '18

Dr. Mark R. Peters '09

Ms. Liza D. Peterson-Gary '02

Ms. Leisa R. Petrie '00

Dr. Kevin Petti '06

Mrs. Isabelle R. Piccini '74

Mr. Jeffrey R. Pickering '97

Ms. Sara Pirayesh '17

Ms. Elaine M. Poeu-En '17

Mr. Francois D. Portee '09

Mr. Nick Porter '20

Mrs. Vanessa A. Praggastis '12

Ms. Felicia F. Prescott '80

Mrs. Patricia Preston '78

Mr. Mannie R. Putian '97

Dr. Carole A. Putko '89

Dr. Reyes L. Quezada '83

Ms. Kristina B. Quezada-Parker '16

Ms. Karen M. Quinlan '98

Ms. Marisa A. Quiroz '08

Mrs. Carrie G. Rea '84

Mr. Ernest S. Remillard '06

Mr. Anthony T. Reuss '92

Mrs. Nancy B. Reynolds-Mowry '81

Ms. Rana Riachi '18

Ms. Catherine S. Riddle Meader '10

Mrs. Janet S. Rightmer '78

Mrs. Tricia E. Ring '04

Mr. Dominic A. Rios '18

Ms. Dijana Ristic '18

Mr. Juan Carlos Rivas '18

CDR Bradley W. Roberson '94

Mrs. Patricia M. Roberts '87

Ms. Lois A. Robertson '82

Dr. Juan F. Roche '16

Ms. Sarah J. Rodee '92

Mr. Sergio E. Rodriguez '11

Ms. Daisy Rodriguez '13

Ms. Kenia R. Rodriguez '18

Ms. Ana B. Rogerio '17

Ms. Dana L. Rolf '98

Mrs. Olivia A. Romero '76

Mr. Seth R. Rosenzweig '07

Mrs. Cynthia A. Roth Pahr '82

Ms. Janice Rowland '19

Dr. Nancy L. Royal-Rovai '87

Mrs. Kristin R. Rude '92

Ms. Anita M. Ruesterholtz '76

Ms. Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto '17

Ms. Ashley M. Ruppert '16

Ms. Rama Sabano '18

Mr. Miles T. Sakaguchi '75

Ms. Brianna Salinas '10

Mr. Roberto Santillan '85

Ms. Monica K. Santos '08

Mrs. Teresa A. Sattler '73

Mr. Daniel J. Savory '17

Ms. Joanna C. Schaedler-Nelson '04

Mr. Shayne G. Schettler '09

Sister Jolene M. Schmitz '81

Ms. Allison M. Schneider '17

Mrs. Lisa M. Schrey '88

Ms. Tanja G. Schroeder '18

Mrs. Melony A. Schroh '97

Dr. Nicole A. Schuessler '15

Mr. Robert G. Schwarz '81

Dr. Mary E. Scott '90

Mrs. Susan L. Scott '95

Mrs. Patricia A. Seiber '57

Ms. Kathleen I. Self '07

Ms. Kelly A. Serpa Howe '17

Mrs. Amber P. Setter '07

Ms. Wajma Shams Lyons '04

Ms. Kelly E. Sherlock '18

Mr. Michael N. Sherry '76

Ms. Mary B. Shirley '00

Mr. Reuel M. Shivers '95

Mrs. Cynthia R. Short '98

Mrs. Delrena M. Sides-Swaggerty '95

Mrs. Amy Smith '15

Mrs. Kristen L. Smits '16

Mrs. Kimberly A. Snyder Houldin '93

Ms. Elizabeth E. Sovern '11

Mr. Anthony G. Spitzberg '09

Dr. Richard A. Stakelum '10

Ms. Eleni M. Stang '19

Ms. Kimberly A. Staroscik '97

Mrs. Kathleen L. Steele '72

Ms. Laura B. Stein '07

Mrs. Jessica L. Stephen Premo '15

Mr. Joshua K. Stepner '96

Mrs. Susan M. Stevens-Garcia '78

Ms. Emily K. Stevenson '08

Ms. Molly B. Stewart '09

Mrs. Mary J. Stoll '76

Mrs. Amanda B. Stroberg '97

Dr. Gregory G. Stump '03

Mrs. Kande Sullivan-Thompson '80

Ms. Susan D. Sutherin '01

Dr. Lawrence S. Sykoff '73

Ms. Jessica Szumski '19

Dr. Patricia A. Taepke '07

Mrs. Monica A. Taitano '97

Mrs. Jeanne M. Takenaka '90

Mrs. Tracy L. Telliard '16

Mr. Koua J. Thao '19

Mr. Marc M. Thiebach '93

Mrs. Carol J. Thomas '78

Mr. Scott J. Thomas '15

Mr. Mark A. Thompson '08

Ms. Caroline M. Thompson '17

Mr. Michael O. Tira '19

Ms. Candace L. Torrey '17

Ms. Kimdinh Tran '19

Mrs. Nina M. Tubbs '86

Ms. Gloria E. Valentin '86

Mr. Ron N. Valenzuela '08

Ms. Necole M. Vano '15

Mrs. Adina Veen '10

Mr. Eric M. Velazquez '03

Ms. Maria E. Villanueva '18

Mrs. Maria T. Villarreal '98

Mr. Raymond J. Volker '82

Mr. Richard J. Vorst '83

Ms. Kate M. Vosti '16

Ms. Nhi T. Vu '19

Mrs. Carolyn A. Walker '92

Ms. Ariel E. Wallace '17

Ms. Shanelle A. Watkins '18

Ms. Kristin S. Welch '17

Mr. Andrew D. Westfall '93

Ms. Margaret M. Wiedower '83

Ms. Kristen N. Wiersma '17

Ms. Madeleine Wiersma '19

Ms. Ebony R. Wiley '18

Ms. Amber N. Williams '18

Mrs. Christina P. Wilson '12

Ms. Gail L. Wingfield '18

Ms. Amanda A. Womack '95

Ms. Lauren P. Wong '19

Ms. Corey M. Wong Uyeji '96

Ms. Amy J. Wright '17

Mr. Jama A. Yacub '11

Mr. Scott W. Yahner '19

Mr. Jeffrey S. Young '14

Mr. Derrick L. Young '16

Mr. Michel R. Zelnick '04

Dr. Esperanza Zendejas '78

Mrs. Ann E. Zerlaut '95

Ms. Alexandra M. Zwick '16

Ms. Michelle L. Zygowicz '05

Ackerman Challenge

Barnhart Scholars

Brindle Erion Scholarship

Caster Catholic Educators

Caster Center for Nonprofit Research

Cordeiro Global Research Fund

Dr Joe Rost Scholarship

Gordon Annuity Trust

Jack Adams Scholarship

Jane P Johnson Scholarship

John and Gerry McGee Scholarship

Kaye Woltman Scholarship

Krohne Memorial Scholarship

LASH Scholarship

LTJG Laura J Mankey Scholarship

Making A Difference Scholarship

Mary Woods Scherr Scholarship

Melinda Martin Scholarship

MFT Alumni Scholarship

Orca Fund Scholarship

Pardee Scholars

Phyllis McArdle Clause Scholarship

SOLES Faculty Endowment

Strunk Chair for Special Education

Whalen Family Scholarship